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Community Food Initiatives works to ensure everyone in Appalachia Ohio has access to healthy, local food.

We've been growing and sharing the harvest since 1992. 

With your help we can make a difference. Learn more about our programs and get involved.

Tree Pruning Workshop

On Sunday, March 4th 2018 Athenians flocked to Highland park to get the 101 on Fruit Tree Pruning. The workshop was led by Weston Lombard, owner of Solid Ground Farm. Lombard taught the basics of tree pruning from why to prune, when to prune, how to prune and what to prune. Lombard explains tree pruning encourages airflow and limits disease. Other reasons include an increase in production and that pruning maximizes sun penetration. Pruning is essential because it gives trees a strong foundation for fruit growing. Lombard prefers to prune after leaf fall but before trees begin to flower. He advises to not prune in subzero temperatures and to prune when it is dry out. Pruning before rainfall or high humidity can prevent fungal infections. Lombard says you can prune in the summer but there is more moisture which leaves a higher chance for infection. The advantage of pruning in the winter is that there’s no leaves so it is easier to identify where to prune.

Welcome to Affordable & Fresh! I will use this space to share ways that I incorporate affordable, shelf-stable foods with (typically) seasonal, fresh items. We’ll cover breakfast, lunch, dinner, and everything in between! Here’s the thing about CFI: We like to help people. We like to help them get access to resources (like food and seeds and plants). We like to help them learn what to do with the resources we connect them to. We also like to share our knowledge about those resources. One of our absolute favorite things to do is combine our knowledge and resources with the knowledge and resources that people in our community already have. We think that’s a great way to improve people’s experiences – be it with food, gardening, service, or just existing in a community.

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